ISB – Innovative School

In September 2018 our school competed in the Microsoft Hungary Innovative School Program competition.

Among many schools, the International School of Budapest won, so from this school year we are very proud to wear the Innovative School title.

The program itself started last fall, aiming to help institutions, teachers, and ultimately students to acquire up-to-date digital knowledge through the most advanced tools.

The initiative, currently involving 30 institutions across the country, is part of the methodological support, the most appropriate platforms and learning organizational systems, and the training of institutional leaders and teachers.

Its purpose is to effectively integrate modern tools and technologies into the teaching and learning process of the institution.

The schools that join the program go through a well-developed process. Its starting phase is the commitment of the teaching staff itself to using digital technologies and solutions, and then targeting the directors and the staff appropriately.

The program will be introduced from the 2018/2019 academic year to our students from 6th grade.


We at International School of Budapest are facing the challenge of preparing our pupils for a rapidly changing and unknown world. However, one thing can be certain, and that is that certain values and competences which can be applied to a wide range of roles and situations, will undoubtedly be required.

Values will define a child’s character and competences are a unique combination of skills, attributes and dispositions which will enable children to engage successfully with the world around them. Furthermore, in a rapidly changing world, the competences will provide children with skills which focus on flexibility, creativity and being life-long learners.

The competences can be divided as follows:

Learning and Innovation Skills – these refer to those skills which enable children to become creative, innovative, flexible life-long learners.

Personal and Social Skills – these refer to those skills which enable children to become a cohesive, productive and tolerant member of society who is well prepared for the next stage of their education.

National and Global Citizenship Skills - these refer to those skills which will enable our pupils to become concerned and responsible citizens in their local community and the global, multi-cultural technologically advanced world.

Core Values – the values which we will encourage and develop in our pupils include the following: resilience, respect, empathy, integrity, honesty, care and increasingly important in our multi-cultural society, tolerance.

Acquiring knowledge and learning facts are important and, alongside teaching them, it is these values and competences, outlined above, which we will place at the very centre of our teaching and the heart of our school, the International School of Budapest. In this way we will be preparing our pupils to meet the challenges of successfully and confidently living and working in the unknown and exciting world which lies ahead of them.