English as an Additional Language (EAL) at ISB

What is EAL?
English as an Additional Language (EAL) is a program at ISB which supports students from Grade 2 through Pre IB who struggle in subject classes taught in English. The EAL department works closely with subject teachers in order to support EAL pupils with maximum knowledge of and consistency with what is taught in our unique bilingual and international curricula. Both the EAL department and subject teachers monitor the progress of pupils in the EAL program. This enables us to concentrate on each student’s specific needs and weaknesses so they may join the mainstream classes as soon as possible.

Who is an EAL student?
A child who is a complete beginner in English, a student with some experience in English but who is not yet fluent and has not yet reached social proficiency level or a student who speaks English fairly fluently but is not yet achieving his or her full academic potential in an English-speaking environment.

Aims of EAL:
ISB’s EAL program aims to ensure that EAL pupils:

  • Become confident enough to participate in all classes taught in English
  • Develop fluency in all areas of English
  • Gain full access to ISB’s English curriculum
  • Develop an appropriate understanding of written language
  • Produce appropriate written language
  • Acquire subject-specific vocabulary

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ISB EAL Policy