What parents say about ISB

“ISB was love at first sight. We were looking for a school which offered an enabling environment for children, namely where they can unlock the potential, and where they are happy. And we found the place.”
ZSUZSA / Middle School Parent
“I really like the ‘star of the month’ award which is given out to two children per class every month, in front of the whole school assembly. It’s given out for the competency of the month, such as being polite, or respectful, for empathy, for perseverance. I think it’s a great highlight: to guide the children to become decent human beings.”
ESZTER K. / Elementary School Parent
“The most important criteria was when we were looking for a school, the appropriate school for our child that we wanted to have a bilingual school that runs the Hungarian and the English curriculum at the same time and also be children centric.”
KATALIN / Elementary School Parent
“We joined ISB three years ago. During this period the school has been improving rapidly. And to be honest, even exceeded our expectations.”
VITALIY / High School Parent
“The reason we chose ISB is because we wanted a school where we have native speaker teachers. So, it was very important for us that our son learns good English, which he did actually within a year.”
ESZTER C. / Middle School Parent
“What I especially like about the school’s education style is that if a child may be a little behind or not progressing as fast in the curriculum as other students, teachers deal with that child individually, provide personal support to them.”
BENCE / Elementary School Parent
“My child has been studying at ISB for nearly two years. He has made a great progress in all aspects, especially his level of English. This made him more confident and more optimistic than before. Thanks, ISB!”
BECKY / High School Parent

about isb

The International School of Budapest International Bilingual Primary and Secondary School is the largest English-Hungarian bilingual international school in Hungary. We provide an international education in a caring environment to children from 5 to 18 years old, covering preparatory, primary and secondary school education.

ISB is a registered Cambridge International School, an IB candidate school and a registered Hungarian private school.

The international accreditation of ISB was given by Cambridge International Examinations, a major international accrediting organisations based in the UK. The organisation provides a curriculum and qualifications recognised worldwide for international schools. There are more than 10,000 Cambridge schools in over 160 countries.

ISB started the accreditation procedure for the International Baccalaureate Organisation in October 2016. For more information about IB please see http://www.ibo.org/

ISB has a Hungarian accreditation from the Hungarian Educational Ministry as Hungarian-English Bilingual Primary and Secondary School (Ministry ID: 035019). Thus ISB is authorised to issue an official Hungarian school report in accordance with the Curriculum for Bilingual Schools of the Hungarian National Curriculum. This is accepted in all state schools in Hungary.

The following concepts summarise the special education at ISB:

  • differentiated and child-centred teaching
  • encouraging the natural, intrinsic interest and desire for knowledge
  • individual attention in small classes
  • thorough textual evaluations, careful assessment methods
  • project works to develop independence, creativity, problem solving and logical reasoning
  • positive, motivating and supportive atmosphere to help build confidence and inspire good academic performance
  • individual and group performances to develop communication and performance skills
  • positive praise to inspire good behaviour and foster motivation
  • preferring praise to inspire good behaviour and foster motivation
  • team work to develop cooperation and leadership skills
  • theme weeks to create a wide range of learning opportunities
  • well qualified teaching staff

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