Basketball Club

Teacher: Elena Fernandez

Kids will learn basketball fundamentals, focusing on the basic technical and tactical skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting and defense. Always in a fun way. Two groups: the first one including students from Grades 2 to 4 (1st session) and the second group including students from Grades 5 to 7 (2nd session). Both groups mixed genders.


Teacher: Éva Almási

We learn the basic technical elements such as forward and backward rolls, headstand, handstand, cartwheel, handspring, split, rundel, arabel somersault. Besides this, the gymnastic elements that meet individual abilities. We put the learned elements into floor exercises.


Teacher: Gábor Kállai
hungarian chess grandmaster

Part of our culture, helps our children in intellectual development. The club is to teach the chess game, its rules, details, tales and culture the children in an entertaining way. For the efficiency of ISB's cchess education, the children will get homework after each chess club meeting, and the solution will be analyzed next time. The chess club is most effective when parents and school teachers of the children honor me with continuous feedback.


Teacher: Merkely István (Buborék swimming school)
in case of any problem please contact +36 20 328 9132

There will be 5 levels of swimming trainings. Only 5-8 child in a group. In every half term there's an open lesson for parents. Required equipment: swimming dress, slippers, towel, swimming cap, swimming googles if needed.


Teacher: Gergő Rajcsányi

Judo is one the most refined sports of material arts, built on self-discipline and still combat techniques without using violent moves like kicks and hits. During the trainings, children will learn the basics of judo – standing-, grappling and throwing techniques - by playful lessons, while the coordination of their moves and reflexes improve significantly.

Acrobatic Rock and Roll

The Rock and Magic Sports Club is an acrobatic rock and roll club in Budapest, Hungary with an extensive professional history. The Rock and Magic Sports Club aims at staging the highest level of acrobatic rock and roll, professional dance training, and educating the second line dancers. It is dedicated to international and national competition and, of course, to making physical training,dancing and sport popular.


Teacher: Zsolt Schettrer

Outside activity, bicycle and helmet is required.
Please note that we can not store bicycles inside the school building.
We advise you to bring the bicycle for every session, however you may leave them locked at the outside bicycle rail in front of the main building on your own responsibility.

Buda Juniors Football Club

Largest English-language football club in Hungary. It's a thriving, happy place where children enjoy their football and strenghten their skills. Children can also improve their English language skills in a fun and fruitful enviroment. Our coaches place extra emphasis on the visual elements in the training to accommodate all nationalities.


Teacher: Almási Éva

A game-based skill development activity.