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Bolyai Team Competition 2014/2015

In this academic year our students will take part again of the Hungarian Bolyai Team Competitions of Math, Hungarian Language and Literature and Science. In the past ISB students successfully participated in these competitions. Effective preparation for these events!

  • "Thank You" to István Dobos and the staff at OTP for our "Information Technology" field trip on Systems Integration. We all had a wonderful time.

  • We celebrated St. Martin's Day on Monday and Tuesday.
    Children in Primary School celebrated playing fun themed games. All children had the traditional snack of goose fat and bread with red onion.
    Children played different games in small groups: 
    • Goose Toto: at the beginning of the session the students listened to the story of St. Martin and after that they had to complete the Goose Toto
    • Goose Bingo: playing Bingo with the ingredients of the „Lúdláb" and „Ludaskása" cakes.
    • Puzzle: St. Martin's history in texts and pictures
    • Goose Game: Board game
    The youngest children walked in the forest taking their self-made lantern and at the end of the walk they visited the Middle School.
  • Led by Zsuzsanna Kocsis the children from 2B and C wnet on a walking tour in the forest around the school. We were fortunate that it was a sunny, autumn day.
    They studied the leaves and crops of different trees, such as oak, maple and beech as well as the autumn activities of forest animals (mammals, rodents, insects, butterflies).
    The interaction between plants and animals and the food chain were clearly explained to the children enabling the children to understand the network of life in the forest. 

  • 2014. szeptember 26-án, pénteken a 2. osztályosok a Fény utcai piacon tettek látogatást.

    A Kis Szilvák,a Zöld almák, a Gyümölcsvarázs és a Lime csapatok szülői segítséggel fedezték fel a piac sokszínű világát. A gyümölcs-, és a zöldségvadászat közben sok érdekességet jegyeztek le.

    A legizgalmasabb talán a vásárlás volt: szőlőt, almát, répát, virágokat vettek legtöbben. A legnagyobb újdonság a gránátalma és a csicsóka volt. A legkellemesebb tapasztalat pedig az árusok ajándéka és kóstolói voltak.

    Még egyszer köszönjük a szülők segítő jelenlétét.

  • On September 5, Friday afternoon we held our usual "Year Opening Family Picnic" in the Csillebérc campus.

    The weather was great. We put our picnic blankets and chairs, along with several baskets full of fruits and cookies, close to the football field.

    We settled down and after a couple of introductory games we held our Tug of War contest. Split into two teams, Reds and Blues, who competed against each other. The Red team won adopting a defensive strategy.

    Unfortunately, there was no time for a rematch but we would definitely do it on our next Family Picnic.

  • In this academic year, the ISB once again participates in the fruit programme organized for primary schools. At the beginning of the school year fresh fruit shipments arrives every week, containing seasonal fruits: apples, pears, plums.

  •  In the new school year ISB has put together a new menu with the assistance of the restaurant. Prior to the completion the menu was discussed with the members of the Parent Advisory Commitee. Taking into consideration the healty eating the menu contains more vegetables, fresh salads and fruits. Based on the recommendation of PAC we introduce a Health Day on Fridays, when both of the two menu contain only healthy meals. We hope that children will welcome the new food choices.

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