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Bolyai Team Competition 2014/2015

In this academic year our students will take part again of the Hungarian Bolyai Team Competitions of Math, Hungarian Language and Literature and Science. In the past ISB students successfully participated in these competitions. Effective preparation for these events!

  • In this academic year, the ISB once again participates in the fruit programme organized for primary schools. At the beginning of the school year fresh fruit shipments arrives every week, containing seasonal fruits: apples, pears, plums.

  •  In the new school year ISB has put together a new menu with the assistance of the restaurant. Prior to the completion the menu was discussed with the members of the Parent Advisory Commitee. Taking into consideration the healty eating the menu contains more vegetables, fresh salads and fruits. Based on the recommendation of PAC we introduce a Health Day on Fridays, when both of the two menu contain only healthy meals. We hope that children will welcome the new food choices.

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